The Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter + HR Generalist Course

9-week Live Online + Private 1-2-1 Emotional Intelligence Coaching Session // 2 October - 4 December 2018 | taught by Caroline Stokes

Course description

Since the World Economic Forum identified emotional intelligence as one of the most important skills to develop for the fourth industrial revolution by 2020, it's been my mission to help leaders, talent and recruiters prepare themselves to adapt.

We all have emotional intelligence - but how we use our emotions to work for us is often the most difficult challenge. 

As a certified executive coach dedicated to helping organizations move forward from the C-suite to drive innovation and change, through to the people who manage branding and talent attraction; emotional intelligence is the one area people leaders need to develop within their daily interactions and continually updated systems to create optimal - human - results.

What are optimal results?

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to identify, use, understand, and manage emotions in an effective and positive way. A high EQ helps individuals to communicate better, reduce their anxiety and stress, defuse conflicts, improve relationships, empathize with others, and effectively overcome life's challenges.
  • Imagine your recruitment teams working positively and collaboratively together, or high, positive response rates from candidates via email and 'phone communications. Or imagine recruiters interpreting candidates with greater accuracy

What's the curriculum?

This course is open to a limited number of HR, talent acquisition and sourcing people leaders involved in recruitment who live in a fast-paced and demanding environment - where change is ever constant. 

What you'll learn through this course is how to adapt - not only yourself but the organization you work with - so you are both mutually successful.

In Week 1 + 2, this course includes a private EQ2.0 assessment and 1-hour confidential debrief with me.

Weeks 3 - 9 focuses on live weekly webinars, assignments, special guests and constant feedback is provided. 

I've curated and adapted this course through 10-years as an executive headhunter, certified executive coach, certified EQ2.0 practitioner, recruiter trainer and host of The Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter podcast.

Expect lots of collaboration and get your brain workout hat on for this live course. 

Good news: if you can't make the live sessions for whatever personal or professional reason, everything will be recorded and you will have lifetime access to the course materials to refer to, as well as the secret Facebook group for daily updates and specific questions so you can get caught up without feeling left behind.

Who is this course for?

This course is for HR Generalists, Recruiters, Talent Acquisition specialists, Sourcers and employer brand managers who want to know how to manage their boss, candidates, colleagues, hiring managers, or clients to achieve best possible outcomes. Most of all, you will learn - for the long term - how to manage yourself!

Course fee:

The 9-week course (Oct 2 - Dec ) at $995

How long is the course?

This constant learning course has been designed over 9-weeks to put new concepts into real-time practice. This is the ideal learning model, unlike a one day course, or conference, where it can be hard to put new concepts into practice to create ROI.

The duration of the course is specifically built to create sustainable change and support since this billion dollar industry fails its students when constant learning isn't applied to the real work environment.

Next steps

I look forward to meeting you during your private 1-2-1 assessment debrief and over the 9-weeks live online, via email and within the secret Facebook group set up just for us.

Until we meet,


Caroline  Stokes
Caroline Stokes
Emotional Intelligence for People Leaders, Recruiters and Sourcers Trainer

Caroline Stokes is an executive headhunter, certified executive coach, certified EQ.2.0 trainer, keynote speaker for SHRM, Recruiting Trends, ERE and World Bank.

She regularly writes for HR media, Forbes and Venturebeat about the human impact of technology in the workplace.

As a headhunter, and executive coach Caroline's firm has worked with global technology and entertainment innovation leaders, including Autodesk, Microsoft, EA, Disney, the BBC, Amazon, Google, Facebook and MBA graduates for UBC's Sauder Business School.

Caroline's mission since working in marketing for PlayStation during the early 1990's: to help recruiters evolve, help new hires integrate and transition successfully with a 100-day post-hire program, and support leaders from any walk of life to innovate. She does this through FORWARD and The Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter.

Praise for Caroline Stokes' work:

"Caroline gave a very informative and engaging presentation at our Recruiting Trends & Talent Tech Conference on recruiting and emotional intelligence in the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” when the rise of artificial intelligence means people will need to double down on their EQ quotient to remain competitive.”  

Andy McIlvaine - Conference Chair, Recruiting Trends & Talent Tech Conference

"We had the pleasure of hosting Caroline for our annual Spring Recruiting Conference in Cleveland, Ohio. This is a professional development conference for roughly 200 local Talent Acquisition Leaders from the region. The conference attendees represent a wide variety of industries, company sizes and position roles. Caroline used a combination of professional experience, empirical research and practical applications to “connect the dots” for our attendees on the importance of emotional intelligence in their personal and professional success. This was a thought-provoking session that left all of us with more questions than answers (in a good way). Caroline has a tremendously energetic and interactive approach to the audience where she is constantly challenging the group to wrestle with the topics. We’re all still working through her session homework! Our feedback on the session was tremendous and we hope to get her back to Cleveland again!”  

John Gallagher – Chairman, Cleveland Society of Human Resource Management

"I’ve recently found The Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter Podcast, and I’m hooked! I truly appreciate the time and thought you put into producing your podcast"  

Kelsey Hallmon - Technical Recruiter for Amazon, Nest, eBay, Zillow, Expedia and Uber

"The Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter podcast stands out in a very crowded field. The compelling content brings forth a diverse slate of topics that prompt listeners to see recruiting as key to talent management. Caroline Stokes interviews fascinating speakers and thought leaders that offer perspectives and views, rarely heard elsewhere. Overall, the podcast is entertaining and thought-provoking, leaving the listener wanting more."  

Raghav Singh, Director of Reporting + Analytics, Korn Ferry Futurestep

"Caroline leads a 'talent solutions' firm that is re-thinking what I would normally think of as executive recruiting and coaching."  

Don Parker - VP, Autodesk

"With three decades of EI research, recruiters now have access to recruiter-centric EI courses with Caroline Stokes, enabling recruiters to develop stronger human skills in the world of AI." 

CEO, The Emotional Intelligence Training Company

"Working with Caroline is like having your own board of directors in leadership, first-100 days and career transition."  

Jason Vantomme, Principal Data Scientist, Microsoft

"I can't recommend Caroline and the service she provides highly enough. I've engaged her services in both a retained search capacity and coaching for some of my team. In each area, she proved to be diligent, knowledgeable and 100% worth the investment." 

Ian Howe, Head of Publishing, SkyBound Interactive

Course Curriculum

Week 1 + 2: EQ2.0 Assessment, Report + Debrief (2 Oct - 15 Oct)
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Week 3: How Do You Want to Work Differently? (16 Oct)
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Week 4: Conducting Your Mini-360 (23 Oct)
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Week 5: Renovating Your Recruiter Image - The EI Way (30 Oct)
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Week 6: Renovating the Way You Work With Your Company - The EI Way (6 Nov)
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Week 7: Emotionally Intelligent Communications (14 Nov)
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Week 8: Overcoming obstacles (27 Nov)
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Bonus Week 9: Special Guest / AMA (4 Dec)
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